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It's easy to write about true love. Difficult love is a challenge. Sometimes not having something is sweeter than possession...
The Moog solo here is the only keyboard solo on the disc, btw...


Music and Lyric: Scott May
©2017 QZQ Melodies BMI
all rights reserved

Terrible blessings and Holy Sin
you'd never believe it from the shape I'm in
i put on the good face, and bring on the smile
inside i'm in pieces and cryin' all the while

have you seen her-what's a man to do
when your heart is ambushed every lie seems true
try to be strong, but it fouls the plan
when a devil woman cuts a righteous man

Hard whiskey, sweet sweet wine
Lovin that woman put me out of my mind
She gave me the blues, now I'm passin the time-
with some hard whiskey and sweet sweet wine

Hold out for comfort, stare down the pain
whisper a prayer and do it again
there aint no mercy, ain't been for for years
The day I've been dreading is finally here

bend in lifes road, but the journey wheels on
left by the side, roullez all the bon ton
Look on the bright side, smile now, son
the trigger has pulled now your dark days are done

She may have had beauty, she was surely fine
the love that I gave her was one-of-a-kind
but she didnt care for my heart or my soul
she only had eyes for my silver and gold