1. Right Kind
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That "wow" moment when you find the right one, after acclimating yourself to being alone. Is there anything sweeter? It goes beyond romantic love, too.
Writing partner Jenny Jarnagin's lovely Piano playing is a true highlight


Music and Lyric by Scott May and Jenny Jarnagin
©2017 QZQ Melodies/Jarnagin Music BMI
all rights reserved

Haven't had the right kind of smile in a long time
then you passed my way
time stopped ticking, sun froze in the sky
didn't know what to say

Haven't had the right kind of touch in a long time
tried and true as we stand
looking deep and found every good reason
to want to hold your hand

love comes cheap if you dont feel nothin
empty kisses are a thin dime a dozen

Haul out all the ashes of sorrow
You give me hope for the morrow
I know the truth when I feel it
Haven't had the right kind of Love in a long long time

haven't had the right kind of kiss in a long time
where it warms me to my soul
just when I thought it all was over
you brought me out of the cold

Long ago, far away, I stashed my heart away
Never to love again
I couldn't have known where this romance was goin'
But you made my heart beat again.

Haven't had the right kind of Love in a long time
So help me if I cry
tears of laughter, tears of joy
All along the my-oh-my