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My first "Country" song. What fun! All respect to the intrepid John Rice for being my Passepartout in this strange and foreign land. That's John playing most everything here, save for the Electric Guitar solo, which I dared to play. Yee-Haw!


Words and Music by Scott May
©2017 QZQ Melodies BMI

There's a place called sugar tea mountain
got a secret everybody knows
If youre sweet on someone take their hand
and ride the road up as far as it goes.

Then sing her twenty songs with an open heart
doesnt matter if you sing in tune
then the lord will bless you both with happiness
and you'll be married by the month of june

the first time i heard about sugar tea
i was round about twelve years old
uncle willy took the widow milly
in his pocket was a band of gold

had a 6-string guitar, that he could not play
but boy he sure could sing
and when they came down from the sugar Tea
she was wearing his wedding ring

wontcha climb with me into sugar tea mountain
and i'll sing you twenty songs of love
smile on your face, no time for doubtin
as we try to make sense of it all
up on the ridge and down by the vale
over the green and beyond the pale
climb with me into sugar tea mountain
and i'll sing you twenty songs of love

oh the robin and the sparrow took to the air
and up to Sugar Tea they flew
well the magic of mountain ain't just for people
it works on the critters, too
they chirped and they tweeted and they tweeted and they chirped
doin what the birds do best
and if you look up in the tree, well, whattya know?
tiny eggs in the robin's nest