1. Sorry
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It's difficult to speculate what happened here, but whatever it was, Love triumphed. An affirmation and a warning: Don't ever let it get so out of hand that a genuine "Sorry" won't fix things.


Words and Music by Scott May
©2017 QZQ Melodies BMI

We're not keepin' score-Doesn't matter who won
I'm glad that the battle-is finally done
Pride is not on the line--reputation is safe
No Tarnish of Value-no vestige of hate

Now our voices have softened-the tears are long gone
It's time to forget it-it's time to move on

So I say I'm sorry-please say you're sorry
Let's say we're sorry and then let's say goodnight

What started it all-I don't have a clue
How can we allow it-what we put us through
Is your world so different-so different than mine
that to stand and defend it-you'd put our love on the line

And I'm not half the man that I sometimes think I am
And as for the man you saw an hour ago...
You'll not see him again.