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Can anything be more sublime than something returning to your life you thought had vanished? In this tune, it's a lover, but it can be anything-material, spiritual, social or psychological.
btw-the guitar solo here might be my most favoritest thing I ever played...


Words and Music by Scott May
©2017 QZQ Melodies BMI

I never ever believed that I would ever fall for a pretty face
a picture can say most a thousand words
but it doesnt do much for grace
I needed this and I needed that
for my wicked selfish life
oh but when I had my brush with Paris
it cut deep like a razor knife

Paris came running--with eyes aglow
seemed kinda funny--I thought she'd know
Born on the wings of a knee-high flier
cool and calm like a tightrope wire
I was keeping her close for days like these
Paris came running...back to me

theres good and there's better, and at all the way
you wind up at the best
for the top you've got to show me something
thats a-different from all the rest
you can need this, and you can need that
in your wicked dead-to-right
there's a Paris there for every man
shining true in a heavens light

one for the money two for the show
what is the reason i dont know
maybe i just dont see the forest
in between the trees

Take up the tacks put the lock on the door
I am leaving for the coast
havent got a clue what I'll do there
save for doin what I love most
I may need this and I may need that
chalk it up to to my wicked mind
but I'll have everything I want
If Lovely Paris I can find