1. Lysistrata
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A tune by Todd Rundgren and Utopia. Every time I hear this tune, the power inherent in it reduces me to tears. It so sublimely says "Love Conquers All".
Far be it from me to edit Todd, but I always heard this song in a different light than the jaunty rock as Utopia plays it. I heard it darker, softer, restrained. It's a rare thing, a joyous elegy for a dying Warrior, reborn as a Husband/Lover.
May this scenario repeat a Billion times...


Words and Music by Rundgren/Powell/Sulton/Wilcox)
©1982 Fiction Music/Unearthly Music BMI
all rights reserved

Lysistrata, open up the bedroom door
What is the matter, ain't you in love with me no more?
Uncle Sam called me up today, One more time before I march away
Make me feel like a big strong man
You say you don't care about my pride,
You love me too much just to let me die,
And you won't let me come inside
unless I don't go to war no more

Lysistrata, little boys like to have their fun,
And you know I gotta put on my colors and get my gun
Every able bodied man that I know, every patriot is packed to go
Won't you give me a last goodbye
I'll be sent off to a distant land,
To spill my blood upon some foreign sand,
And I may die by an enemy's hand
And then I won't go to war no more

Send the boys all back to the farm
Tell the troops it was a false alarm,
'Cause if I have to die I want to be in your arms,
And so I won't go to war,
no I won't go to war,
Aw, Honey, I won't go to war no more.