1. Cheatin' Man
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You can't unring that bell. And you learn the Blues pretty quick thereafter. Be sure, be VERY sure before you take that E ticket ride...


Words and Music by Scott May
©2017 QZQ Melodies BMI

There’s somethin’ I wanna talk about ‘sbeen much on my mind
Ain’t no place to run to, ain’t no place to hide
I’ll tell it to you slowly, in words you’ll understand
Never thought I’d be one, but I’m a cheatin’ man

She wadn’t nuthin’ special, but somethin’ caught my eye
And sure as sugar somethin’ said this bird was gonna fly
One thing led to many, and we went to Disneyland
And SNAP!, before you know it, I’m a cheatin’ man

I gotta take it home now and lay it on the line
It’s gonna devastate her, I know nothing will be fine
I'll cry and scream, apologize, I'll do all I can
Lonely days are comin’, ‘cos I’m a cheatin man.