1. Echo Point

From the recording Outside The Inside

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Music and Lyric by Scott May
©2014 QZQ Melodies BMI

Surely You think about it now and then
The memories die hard to recall where and when
The magic clings to two who share a dark emotion
Never comes the day to break their soul devotion

North to dreams pass between the crystal twilight
And far beyond all we'd ever hope to be
Dark enchanter of a million smiles
Makes another entry in his diary and meanwhile…

At Echo point-Where life goes on without a clue
Echo point-Holds its secrets for the few
Who dare to whisper in the wind
The answer lies within…Echo point

Long ago wild love and love gone wild
She's 10 years gone though I cannot forget her smile
Who alive could realize the spirit of September
Was calling us again to where our hearts and souls surrender

True so true history repeats itself
They're new again the things we put upon the shelf
Time has a way to heal a broken heart
I know we can love again together or apart

Go behind the veil and cast your name upon the stone
Where love has never traveled and where you are not alone
I believe that you will wait eternity to see
The light of lights to follow that will bring you home to me