1. Long Shadows

From the recording Outside The Inside

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Words and Music by Scott May
©2014 QZQ Melodies BMI

Sittin' in in the afternoon-listenin' to the Moody Blues
Aint got nothin better to do
Got me some ice wine-smokin' somethin’ real fine
Aint got nothin' better to do

I love long shadows
And long shadows love me

People in the city-isn't it a pity?
Runnin' all around for their life
Underneath their noses-stop and smell the roses
Runnin' all around for their life

Take the time to lay back baby-life will go on if you let it
If there's a trouble on your mind maybe-You might luck out and forget it

Come on here and cuddle up-pour yourself another cup
Now the world is just we two
Hard times may ramble on-now we'll make them all be gone
No one else but me and you