1. Long Shadows

From the recording Outside The Inside

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The soundtrack for one of those rare days where responsibility and stress are dim memories in the rear view mirror.
Even God rested on the 7th day...


Words and Music by Scott May
©2014 QZQ Melodies BMI

Sittin' in in the afternoon-listenin' to the Moody Blues
Aint got nothin better to do
Got me some ice wine-smokin' somethin’ real fine
Aint got nothin' better to do

I love long shadows
And long shadows love me

People in the city-isn't it a pity?
Runnin' all around for their life
Underneath their noses-stop and smell the roses
Runnin' all around for their life

Take the time to lay back baby-life will go on if you let it
If there's a trouble on your mind maybe-You might luck out and forget it

Come on here and cuddle up-pour yourself another cup
Now the world is just we two
Hard times may ramble on-now we'll make them all be gone
No one else but me and you