1. Let It Rain

From the recording Outside The Inside

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If it's going to hell in a handbasket, don't wait. Bring it on. Let it rain. Hit me now, don't surprise me.
Essence Brother Bill Syniar is responsible for this brilliant track, to which I wrote the lyric and melody, sang over and played the Guitar Solos at the end. One of the greatest gifts I've ever received...


Words and Music by Scott May and Bill Syniar
©2014 QZQ Melodies BMI and Bill Syniar Music BMI

The sun ain't shinin' on my life this second
Cant find a smile when you've been homewreckin'
When the light of your life's grown dim-and the storm is upon its way

Plenty of hands, but they cant be trusted
Machine still turns even though it's rusted
Haven't a clue what to do-but then again there's always you

Love hurts so don't you know that by now
I've heard it all and it doesn't matter
Curses can be blessings-when they help to turn the page

Wash this hurt from me cast the river with my pain-Let it rain
Open up the skies bring the cool comfort down-Let it rain

Why should I be up here cryin'
When I should take wings and be out there flyin'
Every story turns-every morning leads to day

I know you know this song I'm singin'
For you and me, the same bell's ringin'
We opened up our eyes-and we don't like what we've seen

Who can bear the sight of love retreating into lies
Where every kiss is like a dagger-every smile a faint disguise
I’ll stand here through the thunder ’til it never roars again
And wait for you to take my hand-and run away, but until then...