1. Let It Rain

From the recording Outside The Inside

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Words and Music by Scott May and Bill Syniar
©2014 QZQ Melodies BMI and Bill Syniar Music BMI

The sun ain't shinin' on my life this second
Cant find a smile when you've been homewreckin'
When the light of your life's grown dim-and the storm is upon its way

Plenty of hands, but they cant be trusted
Machine still turns even though it's rusted
Haven't a clue what to do-but then again there's always you

Love hurts so don't you know that by now
I've heard it all and it doesn't matter
Curses can be blessings-when they help to turn the page

Wash this hurt from me cast the river with my pain-Let it rain
Open up the skies bring the cool comfort down-Let it rain

Why should I be up here cryin'
When I should take wings and be out there flyin'
Every story turns-every morning leads to day

I know you know this song I'm singin'
For you and me, the same bell's ringin'
We opened up our eyes-and we don't like what we've seen

Who can bear the sight of love retreating into lies
Where every kiss is like a dagger-every smile a faint disguise
I’ll stand here through the thunder ’til it never roars again
And wait for you to take my hand-and run away, but until then...