1. Love Song 369

From the recording Outside The Inside

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A New York Love Song for a New York Girl, namely My Wife Chris. Why 369? None of your business!
That's the Ides Of March Horn section raising the roof, by the way.
Featuring Scott May and his One-Armed Orchestra:
Scott May-Lead Vocal/Grand Piano
Steven Eaklor-Hammond Organ, Trumpet, Brass Arrangement
Ruben Agosto-Rhodes Piano
Gregg Gronowski-Bass
Rob Lorenz-Drums
Michael Pinder-Tambourine
Richard Romanowski-Guitar
Featuring the IDES OF MARCH Brass:
Tim Bales-Trumpet
Steve Eisen-Saxophone
Dave Stahlberg-Trombone


Words and Music by Scott May
©2014 QZQ Melodies BMI

Throughout the years I've walked the line
I’ve broken hearts and had mine broken
So many times said "I Love You”
but those words shouldn't have been spoken

Now here comes you, steppin' from the shadows
with the right look and all your glory
You took me down with just one smile
like a page from a romance story

Down deep in places I can't touch
there's a yes I can't deny
I couldn't stop my love for you-
and I wouldn't want to try
After darkened days, I saw your light
took this shattered man and made him right
And so to you I'll hold on tight
O my precious Three Six Nine

When you know the right one
You'll hear the thunder
You'll feel the magic spell that you're under
When I met you the earth started shakin'
And I was sky-high from the love that we were makin'

Three Six Nine-Oh You're so fine