From the recording Outside The Inside

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Scarlet Dream Indigo Night
Words and Music by Scott May
©2014 QZQ Melodies BMI

They told me live and let live that's the right way
They never told me about the things that you can't say
Who can trust a man whose love's out on the line

They said a man can always do an about-face
And mumbled something about a woman and her place
Who can trust a girl whose love's out on the line

Bitter tears from a misty eye-fall like stars from a broken sky
Scarlet dream, Indigo night, Blue love

The autumn's gold lends a warmth but it's false sense
The cold wind brings you back from the past tense
Images of freedom where love's not on the line

And still you wish for one moment together
You'd like to know if she's thinking whether
You could give a damn if your love's out on the line