1. Chills

From the recording Outside The Inside

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Words and Music by Scott May
©2014 QZQ Melodies BMI

Chills run up and down my spine
when I pretend that you are mine
I make my prayer, and watch you walk on by
Tears fall from my lonely eyes
when I wake up and realize
Your love’s locked tight, n' I'll never have the key

In my mind we walk as one-together for life's long long run
So far from the truth, it's funny how-these chills are oh so cold now

Sometimes, maybe, never, no
will this love ever let me go
I tried but I can't shake these thoughts of you
Summer Spring and Winter Fall
in every corner you are all
I want and no one else can take your place

Let the darkened rumors rise-I’ll take for granted all the lies
I make to make my mind believe we're one