From the recording Outside The Inside

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Somehow this tune slipped through time from the 1930's and landed up in my noggin. I can hear Crosby singing this, or maybe Tony Bennett. Perhaps even Frank. The divine Cletus Goens provides the immaculate Piano here...


Words and Music by Scott May
©2014 QZQ Melodies BMI

I've tasted Champagne on the back streets of Paris-stood on the old China Wall
I've hung around with Kings and Queens-lucky Me, yes I've done it all
Now I look back on my life-as you know I sometimes do
It's the simple things I cherish most-like all the little thoughts of you

Remember the time we were caught in a shower-walked thru the rain all night long
And dancing 'til dawn, tied in each others arms
As the band played our own special song
Yes I know I'm old fashioned-just a sentimental fool
I hold them deep inside my heart-all these little thoughts of you

The way you smile, the way you cry-the way the wind makes your hair fly
The way you kiss, the way you hold my hand
The music in the way you speak-the secrets that you sometimes keep
The way that you make me a better man

Well, bless my soul, is it that time already-thought we had much more to go
I've no regrets, no apologies-You could say it's been a hell of a show
We've had good times and sad times-through it all, I've loved you true
But nothing could be sweeter than-all the little thoughts of you
All the little thoughts of you

Cletus Goens-Grand Piano