1. Monet's Dream

From the recording Isle Of View

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Scott May-Everything, except...
K'Hari Parker-Drums
Bill Syniar-Bass

Music and Lyric by SCOTT MAY
©2021 QZQ Melodies BMI


Quietly, she sits down next to me
High above the clouds we soar so free
unexpected colours, she's not painted like the others
clear and clean

All the people bound for Angel Town
The weary traveller, the singing clown
wear the wings, remember-these four hours last forever
Monet's Dream...
           Though the air is clear here
           Minutes are so rare, dear
           Waiting like the sand waits for the sea
           Say I'm not forgotten,
           'Cos you can never be forgotten
           I will meet you when the road is clear for me

Take this treat along and make your way
Looking through the book for things to say
Silly words I ramble, and this silly life I scramble
Make my day...

I take my coffee, gaze into the blue
the silver trail, perhaps it might be you
if you look down and see me, smile and think about me
Monet's Dream