1. Lucky

From the recording Isle Of View

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Scott May-Everything, except...
Eric Johnson-Drums
Tommy "Godzilla" Leerschen-Piano/Hammond Organ
Andy Reiss-Rhythm Guitars
Bill Synair-Bass

Music and Lyric by SCOTT MAY
©2021 QZQ Melodies BMI


Shes got no misconceptions
her eyes are open wide
shes got the look of lightning
got the fire deep inside

nobody's pullin on her strings
she's got her own song to sing
and theres only one man she can see
i cant believe that man is me
           i'm lucky
           yes I'm lucky
           (I've) got the girl of my dreams
           I'm so lucky

                      i cant wait to get back to her
                      when my workin day is done
                      all the weight of the world
                      falls clean away
                      to her arms I will always run

midnight comes and midnight knows
the power of her love...flows and flows
her touch sends me to places
O I never thought I'd be