1. Forever Yours

From the recording Isle Of View

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Scott May-Everything, except...
Will Galison-Chromatic Harmonica
Bill Syniar-Bass

Music and Lyric by SCOTT MAY
©2021 QZQ Melodies BMI


Do you remember..
all the things we said last night?
will you recall
all the things we swore...to last night?

           I do, do you, too?
           I do, do you, too

Tell me your secrets
I'll illuminate so bright
not for a moment
but forever in your light

           tell me, I'll tell you
           tell me, I'll tell you

                      All of those things we want to believe
                      Are all things that we've said before
                      you know that the golden dream that we chase
                      lies in wait just outside our front door
                      and it's ours, dear.
                      if we want
                      just take a look now, 
                      see the truth

Oooh, stay beside me
and I'll never let you go
Yes here forever
In love's crimson fireglow
Yours, yes, forever yours
Yours, yes, forever yours
Yours. Yes. Forever. Yours.
Yours yes, Forever yours