1. Incantation

From the recording Isle Of View

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Scott May-Vocals and Mellotron
Tommy "Godzilla" Leerschen-Pianos and Hammond Organ
K'Hari Parker-Drums
Bill Syniar-Bass

Music and Lyric by SCOTT MAY
©2021 QZQ Melodies BMI


Bells and Orchids dancing there-
Lotus breath is in the air
hold tight the flame-in this infatuation

at the wheel a dark enchanter-
world spins to a haunting timbre
rest and realize-this fascination

chasing dawn we feel the pleasure
at the altar of our leisure
ocean deep it runs, my adoration

full of grace and tender wonder
tear the darkened veil asunder
hold my hand and welcome, this vibration

    hear me now and hear me well
    these words of love a sacred spell
    whisper back to me 
    sweet affirmation
    dreams that drift on crimson rise
    behold the music in your eyes
    through time and space
    invoke our incantation

                         A moonlit sky, a cool breeze
                           the scent of bonfire embers
                           a taste of lucky summer wine
                           a hint of evening splendor
Have I said it loud enough
and drawn it clear across the sky
how deeply you've become my soul salvation

Now bring me all I need to know
now swear to me you'll never go
you've blessed my heart In kind, this celebration