From the recording Isle Of View

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Scott May-Vocals / Solo Guitar / Mellotron
Tommy "Godzilla" Leerschen-Pianos/Hammond Organ
K'Hari Parker-Drums
Bill Syniar-Bass

Music and Lyric by SCOTT MAY
©2021 QZQ Melodies BMI


Somewhere the bells of home were ringing
A crisp and cool clear Autumn day
A proper setting for
The words I heard You say

I lost my breath, I lost a sudden heartbeat
I stopped to cry and then I lost my tears
What answer could I give to all
The words I heard You say

Filling the part of my heart that's needing
Over the moon as my head hits the ceiling
Most of all here with you-I laugh a little laugh

In time I'll know the answers I've been seeking
the light appears amidst the fog of gray
A little closer to the words
I heard you say

Kissing the air, like nobody's there
Heartstrings play a sweet crescendo
Promises kept, paths overstepped
was it all just innuendo?

So here we are and still we're clearly nowhere
Let's count the stars and put them in our hands
I'll count them all, 'til I recall
The words I heard you say